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TriSmart Training Systems, based in St. Louis Missouri, provides personal triathlon coaching and training in swimming,  biking  and running  for athletes of all levels.  Head Coach Jennifer Meyer is a Level II USAT Triathlon Coach, a Pose Method Triathlon Coach and a Level II Pose Method Running Coach with over 20 years experience as St. Louis based triathlon coach.

TriSmart has coached hundreds of athletes from the St Louis area in triathlon ranging in age from 10 to 64 years old. These athletes are anywhere from beginners to elite level in experience and performance. These athletes have excelled at Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, and Ironman distance triathlons, as well as, 5Ks, 10Ks, Half marathons, marathons, and other distances and races.

TriSmart Training Systems, based in St. Louis, MO, provides personal triathlon coaching and training  for athletes of all levels although we prefer to work with athletes in a 200 mile radius of St Louis so we can provide a more personalized triathlon training experience.

How can TriSmart work for you?

Are you new to the world of triathlon? We would love to help you get started. We can help you be prepared for your first race!

Are you a triathlete or runner with a few races under your belt and you’re wondering how you can get more organized and reach your next goal in the sport? Are you looking to move up in distance to a race like a Half Ironman or Ironman triathlon?

Have you hit a plateau in your improvements and you want some assistance moving forward?

Are you a good swimmer and you’re looking for another avenue of competition? Let us help you get started quickly so your fast start in a race keeps you out in front until the end.

Are you a good cyclist needing swim instruction? TriSmart can help you improve your swim skills.

Maybe you’re a runner who wants a new challenge – triathlon may be it! With TriSmart you can develop your swimming and cycling while keeping your running on track.

Do you want to learn the most efficient and injury free way to run? TriSmart will teach you correct running technique so you can avoid the injuries that affect way too many runners.

Everyone Can Improve

By following TriSmart’s system of goal setting, aerobic base building, periodization, rest, and regularly testing for measurable results, anyone can improve and achieve personal goals while avoiding burnout and injuries.

Everyone Is Different

While we employ a basic overall methodology, it will be different for every athlete we coach. Everyone has different goals, time available, skills, desires and strengths and weaknesses. The plan we create will change and evolve as you respond to the program. One size definitely does not fit all.

Technique Matters

Swimming, biking and running require skill as well as endurance.  While most endurance athletes spend a considerable amount of time on the “endurance” part of training, they spend precious little on the skill part. As such, lack of skill eventually holds the athlete back keeping them from achieving their goals.  TriSmart is the premier teacher of swimming, biking and running skills in the Midwest.

“I have never done a trialthon before and Jennifer got me started, showed me what my workouts should be and now I just finished my 5th tri! Jennifer is always there to encoruage and push me to the next level!”

Melissa D.

New to Triathlons

“Jennifer is a pro. She knows how to motivate and help me setup a plan to succeed without getting injured…especially when I think more is better. Sometimes I lose perspective and Jennifer is always there to provide the insight and feedback to my weekly workouts and set me on the right track. Thank you Jennifer!”

John T.

10+ Years Doing Triathlons

A coach is more than an email…

There are a lot of “coaching” services currently available. Although these services are fine for some, what sets TriSmart apart is our emphasis on individual and   group workouts with the athlete and the coach. During these face-to-face opportunities, the coach can examine an athlete’s form, see how an athlete responds to a work out, and look for areas of improvement. There are some things that can only be done in person.


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