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Who knew there was so much technique to learn in cycling?  Jennifer is great.  She helped me a-lot.  I am producing more power and riding faster than I ever thought I could  Thanks Coach!
Mike B

Improve Triathlon Cycling Skills and Technique with an experienced cycling Coach

Improving your cycling skills and technique with the help of  an experienced triathlon cycling coach is one of the fastest ways to improve your cycling portion of a triathlon. Many times triathletes do not come to the sport of triathlon with a cycling background.  Usually they tend to be swimmers or runners looking for a new challenge.  And since “everyone can ride a bike” most triathletes do not associate cycling with requiring demanding technique and skills.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. Biking, like all sports, is a technique driven activity. Those with the best technique typically cycle the fastest using the least amount of energy.  Learning proper cycling techniques and skills will greatly improve your biking time during that portion of your triathlon.  

Trismart helps its athletes by starting with the initial bike set up and fit.  A proper bike fit is crucial to comfort, power and speed and is the first step in the process.  Then we look at how to properly pedal and where is the most efficient area to apply power during the stroke. Proper cadence is crucial in triathlon since a cycling cadence has a direct impact on how well you will run off the bike.  Too low and your legs feel like lead; too high and you waste too much energy.  Our cycling lessons will help dial you in on achieving your proper cadence.

Bike handling skills are also essential.

Lessons on different cycling technique areas like how to properly corner, how to properly break, when and how to shift to the proper gear, as well as the proper way to hill climb and the proper way to descend a hill are all part of our cycling coaching.

Other cycling techniques unique to triathlon that we instruct our athletes on include how to rack a bike in the transition area, how to properly transition from the swim to the bike,  how to properly transition from the bike to the run, how to draft properly (if allowed) or avoid drafting penalties,  how to drink on the bike, how to eat on the bike, what power and effort  you should maintain during the race and finally what is the best equipment that will help you meet your goals.

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