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I was having trouble improving my run in the triathlon.  Jennifer helped me with my technique and I am now placing in my age group!  Less injuries too. 

Andy M

As a St. Louis based running coach trained in the Pose method of running, TriSmart Training Systems has coached runners of all levels, ages and abilities, from beginners completing their first 5ks to veterans setting PRs and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. TriSmart works with each athlete to test current fitness levels, set goals, determine proper training paces and loads to develop a customized training plan to maximize the results of each athlete. As a running coach, when it comes to improving running technique, TriSmart employs the Pose Method of Running.

What is the Pose Method of Running?

In the briefest nutshell, the Pose method of running, is a running system developed/discovered by Dr. Nicholas Romanov that will allow you to run faster, farther, more efficiently and with fewer injuries than ever before. The Pose method is not a new way to run: it is a new way to teach runners with poor technique to run the way elite runners do. During his years of researching the idea that there had to be a proper running technique, Dr. Romanov began seeing patterns of movement and was able to highlight three basic elements in running (along with a lot of variables that occurred based on the individual). Based on these three key elements, Dr. Romanov constructed the first real definition of proper running form.

 The three elements are the running position (“Pose”), the use of gravity to help accelerate (“Fall”), and the action of picking your foot up off the ground (“Pulling”). He went on to create a systematic approach to teach people to implement these three elements through a series of drills. The drills are utilized to increase perception of how to move through space. With better understanding of how to get from one position to another, you can run more efficiently while also  avoiding injury. For more information on the Pose Method of running click here:

Certified Pose Method Running Instructor- Level II

Jennifer has trained in the Pose Method of Running extensively with Dr. Nicholas Romanov and is the only Level II certified Pose Method of Running instructor in the St Louis area. Jennifer has coached 100s of runners and triathletes of all abilities for over twenty years. 

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