Triathlon Training Plans and Coaching

TriSmart has several different triathlon training plans and coaching options available. These options are described below. If you don’t see a package that meets your needs, please contact TriSmart and we can customize a package for you.

Personalized Monthly Triathlon Training Program

Self Coached Triathlon Training and Run Plans Starting at $39.95

Individual Swimming, Running and Cycling Lessons

Personalized Monthly Triathlon Training Program

Starting at $195 per month.

All levels of Personal Monthly Triathlon  Coaching receive:

  • Upfront goal discussions – Based on questionnaire:
  • What distances or races are you interested in?
  • How many hours per week can you train? Strengths? Weaknesses?
  • How much time spent on swimming, biking, running? Etc.
  • High-Level Schedule and Plan for the Year
  • Detailed triathlon training plan with custom workouts for each day
  • Schedules available through online software
  • Regular email informational updates from the coach
  • Email support
  • Opportunity to attend special training days, events and camps
  • Write-ups on training philosophy, use of the Heart Rate Monitor, Power meters, testing for fitness, and others as developed (such as, sport specific form and technique, pre-race preparations, at race setup, transitions, basic nutrition, etc.)
  • Race planning – strategy, pacing and nutrition
  • Workout nutrition analysis and optimization

Custom Self Coached Triathlon Training Plans- Starting at $150 per plan

Trismart will provide the athlete with a custom triathlon training plan based on athlete’s goals and current fitness levels.


Self Coached Triathlon Training Plans- Starting at $39.95 per plan

TriSmart offers a variety of premade triathlon training plans offering affordable options.  To see the list of plans click here


Individual sport technique lessonsStarting at $70 per lesson

Individual lessons in swimming, biking and running are available in packages

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