Triathlon Swimming Lessons in St. Louis

Jennifer really helped me to improve my swim times.  She is very patient and knowledgeable. She analyzed what I was doing wrong and taught me drills to keep on track.  Great training plan too. I was able to complete my first open water swim with no issues.  

Meagan A

Specialized Swimming Instruction for Triathletes

Trismart has trained swimmers focusing on the needs and challenges that a swimmer faces in a triathlon. The swim sets the stage for every triathlon, no matter which distance.  The swim can make or break your triathlon.  Not only is the swim the first event of the triathlon, it is also the most technical of the three events. Oftentimes triathletes are not comfortable swimming in open water.  As such, the swim can be an event filled with anxiety for some athletes. 


There are all types of swims that can happen in a triathlon.  Some swims start in lakes, others in oceans, rivers and pools. Some athletes have never tried open water swimming. Water temperatures can vary wildly requiring wetsuits and other equipment. Sometimes the triathlon swimmer starts by running into the water from a beach and other times in a deep water start treading water or by jumping in a pool and pushing off the wall. No matter the type of start employed it can be very chaotic and nerve racking at the start of the race.  


Once started, a triathlete needs to settle into the swim, find their rhythm and focus on their swimming technique.  A triathlete also needs to learn how to draft off other swimmers and sight effectively so they swim the shortest possible distance with the least effort, saving energy for the next two events. Finally a triathlete needs to learn to efficiently transition to the bike portion of the race.

Swimming Lessons in St. Louis

TriSmart has been training swimmers and giving swimming lessons to triathletes in the St. Louis area for over 20 years. We cover every aspect of the triathlete swimmer from selecting what type of suit to wear, how to put on and race with a wet suit, how to start effectively, how to enter the water, how and when to sight, how to draft, how to approach pool swims versus open water swims, how to exit the swim and remove your wetsuit, how to transition to the bike to teaching actual swimming techniques. And of course we teach you to swim faster.


TriSmart has exclusive access to St. Louis’ only private indoor pool in order to give triathletes swimming lessons at virtually any time that fits an athlete’s schedule. 


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